tai ji beyond the classroom

Sun jianyun

Sun Lutang’s Daughter at 86 years old

Sun Lutang is the man who created the Sun Style that we practice in class.  Mr Sun lived from 1860-1933.  His Daughter  was considered one of China’s top 10 tai ji artists in 1999.

We can watch her performing here. See if you can find the moves we are learning in class.


Teacher Sun wanrong born 1921

This is Sun Wanron sharing a short collage of some of her tai chi. This was shot in 2016 when she was 89


Ba Duan Jin

This is a video of the 8 silken brocades that we practice in class.  Here  is Professor Yang Balong from the  TaiChi ChiKung TaiJi QiGong TCM Health Center.

The practic is narrated in English and easy to follow along with

Did you know that Bā is the word for 8. This is the written character 八.

Practice along on your own

Paul Lam my teacher for Sun Style

This is a 35 minute video introducing you to Paul Lam. He demonstates the longer 73 form. What we practice is the shorter form of the same.

He covers a lot of material. Safety, History, Visualization and more in it.

You might recognize the music, composed by his daughter .